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Why Choose Barbados Surf Trips?

Melanie has been helping surfers plan their vacations to Barbados since 1996. She works to suit each individual client and their unique needs.

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Melanie has over 20 years of experience in the surf tourism industry in Barbados and being a surfer herself, knows surfer's needs. Not only does she know all the surf spots on all the coasts but she also knows the micro culture of each zone, where to eat, stay, have fun, best times to go, and more. Melanie has personal relationships with many of the Accommodations, surf camps, and local surf experts. "I believe that everyone has their own “travel personality”, so one-size-fits-all packages are something I simply DO NOT offer. Instead, I get to know my customers, then match them up with the right accommodations in the right area for their surfing level and budget."

Barbados Surf Trips Specializes in Barbados Surf Travel

Melanie’s only work is planning surf vacations to Barbados. She works with each individual client to suit their unique needs. There are many special needs you have, such as board travel, striking distance to breaks, nightlife and culture for surfer crowd. Maybe you would like a luxury surf trip with the family or a boys “surf all day” type of trip, or maybe it is your Honeymoon. Melanie makes sure that you're taken care of as a visitor and surfer.

There is no additional cost to book your accommodations, car rentals, and other activities with Melanie. Melanie will get you the SAME RATE as a direct booking AND she gives her clients valuable, time saving, insider travel tips.

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Feel free to chat live and start planning your trip or to ask any questions you may have
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