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Karl H, Virginia, USA

"Incredible Honeymoon/Surf Trip, Melanie is who you should call."

“Melanie arranged a rental car delivery and delivered and picked up a  rental board to our hotel. It was all very smooth.

She is very friendly and down to earth. She had great recommendations of things to do, where to surf, and is very knowledgeable of the island. If you need some good direction in planning a trip from a local who will steer you right, call Melanie!”

Lauren, North Carolina, USA

"Best Vacation We Ever Had"

“Melanie was extremely helpful in planning our trip. She was able to book our jeep rental for us and our hotel. It took a lot of stress off of us knowing that she had it all taken care of. I would highly recommend using Melanie at Surf Barbados. Thanks for the great vacation. We will be back soon!”

Ryan, Texas, USA

"Great Service and Incredibly Convenient"

“Barbados Surf Trips caters their service to your surfing ability level (as long as you are honest), and went to locations that fit what you wanted to do. Melanie or her staff will pick you up at your hotel and bring a board to your liking, then take you to the best break on that given day. The price is very reasonable and the rental boards are good quality. The forecast models don’t always tell the story and you need someone with local knowledge to find the best conditions. Melanie knows everyone on the island and can usually get firsthand accounts of the conditions before”

Ashley, Florida, USA

"Contact Melanie at! She is the absolute best!"

“I had been researching traveling to Barbados for several weeks when I contacted Melanie on My boyfriend is an experienced surfer and I am not, however I wanted to plan a trip to celebrate his birthday where we could both have a good time. 

Luckily, I found Melanie on She was not only able to book us an incredible snorkeling trip and reserve the coolest rental car known as a "moke", but she also rented a brand new surf board to my boyfriend, which was exactly the type of board he requested, so he was very happy.

Furthermore, Melanie explained to me where to stay to have fun
and where the best surfing was so we could have it all. We ended up staying at the beautiful Turtle Beach All-inclusive Resort on the South coast and drove up north to Bathsheba where my boyfriend enjoyed great surf, which took about 40 minutes.

If it wasn't for Melanie I wouldn't have known to rent a car and this made our trip so much more exciting, as we were able to explore the island at our own pace and see everything we wanted, plus get to good surf spots. Melanie was polite, accommodating, and helpful, she even brought the surfboard to our hotel for him! We absolutely loooved Barbados and
will definitely be back!! I recommend that everyone contact Melanie for all their travel needs!!! You won't be disappointed..”


If You Are Surfing in Barbados This Is Your Connection

“I went to Barbados with my 14 year old daughter so we both could learn how to surf, & spend time getting to know each other better. Neither had been surfing before. Whether you want surfing lessons, place to stay, car rental, or guided surf trips, Melanie is your answer. She booked our apartment, got us a car rental, & gave us lessons. She is the best. 
They come to where you are staying, pick you up, & take you to where the best waves that are appropriate for your surfing level are that day. She was very patient with us during our lessons, & got us standing up & surfing the first day. 

Just tell her what kind of a trip you want, and what type of accommodations you would like, & she will get it all arranged for you. If you want high end luxury, or basic accommodations, she can find the place for you. She does not charge extra for any of the other services, so don't worry about that. 

I looked at all the other guides, & am so happy with our choice. We will be back & use Barbados surf trips again

Willis, South Carolina

Barbados Would Not Be The Same Without Melanie

“Melanie found us a house that was literally 50 yards from Soup Bowl, the best break on the island. She took care of the car rental which could not have been smoother, and had the boards waiting for us at the house when we arrived. If we had questions, we just called her and she helped us find the right waves on the right days. She was also very nice andeasy to deal with. We will do another trip and she is the first person we will call.”

Lory and Cindy, New York, USA

Barbados Surf Trips Provides the perfect surf experience regardless of your level

“I had the opportunity to book a surf trip to Barbados for me and my partner, Cindy, with Barbados Surf Trips a few weeks ago. Melanie was superb. She was very clear and helpful in the booking process (even taking care of our apartment, car, and surf board rentals) before our trip, and she was wonderful in person as well. I am a beginner surfer and my partner has been surfing for years. Melanie struck a great balance between us - giving me some lessons, and making sure Cindy

Mike, Virginia, USA

A Superb Deal!

“Melanie Pitcher runs this organization. She will hook you up on Barbados. You want luxe? No prob. You want budget? No prob. She knows ALL the surf breaks & more importantly, she knows where the waves are on any given day. You could go to Barbados & spend lots of precious time driving & searching for waves. Or you could retain Melanie. Moneywell spent ! Melanie is friendly, professional & great with surfers from children to the pro shredders. She's also an expert surfer. Longboard, short board, everything. Her boards & gear are in top shape, too, so save the airline fees & hassle & rent what you need. I rented one of her longboards & was totally pleased with it. Melanie is highly recommended by all of us. We were guys in need of a cool, knowledgeable person to show us where to surf Barbados. Melanie, the best, thanks again.”

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