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Surfing in Barbados

Barbados has a huge variety of waves to offer visiting surfers. Barbados is wide open to receive swells from all directions. No matter whether a swell approaches the island from the North, West, East or South Barbados is guaranteed to have surf anywhere along its shores at almost any given day of the year. It is easy to have the “Wave of your life” during your surf trip to Barbados.

A Surf Tour is a good way to get your surf trip off to a good start. You can learn the different spots and surf the best waves on your first day without thinking or wasting time trying to find waves.

Your guide Melanie has been surfing in Barbados for 16 years. She will show you the island and the best waves.  An experience to always remember!

Barbados has year-round wonderful waves for learning to surf. We have a wide variety of surf so that you can start in safe, small easy waves and work your way up as you progress in a fun, safe, tropical environment.

There are a variety of surf schools that all offer something unique, Melanie has a personal relationship with each of the schools and their instructors.​​​

With so many great SUP locations to offer, Barbados is a paddler’s paradise. Offering perfect conditions for beginner to advanced paddlers. Melanie can organize SUP lessons, tours and board rentals. Waves and flat water,  whatever the condition, you’ll find it here and we’ll get you to the best location on the island to suit your SUP needs and abilities.

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