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  • How far is the airport from the different areas?
    The South coast and Bridgetown are about 15-20 min from the airport. The West coast is about 30-45 min and the East coast(Bathsheba) is 35 min.
  • What is the best board to bring or rent?
    We have waves for all types of surfboards. Each day you can find a waves to surf whether you longboard or shortboard are experienced or inexperienced. If you are after really big waves you may need a semi gun for Parlours or Duppies.
  • What is the water temperature?
    During the months of June-November the water is about 80 F, 27 C. During the months of December-May it can drop a bit to 78 F, 25 C and you may need a light wetsuit jacket for early morning and evening sessions the breeze can be a bit chilly.
  • Is there cell phone coverage?
    Yes we have 2 local providers here in Barbados, Digicel and Lime. If you have global roaming on your phone you will get reception on most parts of the island.
  • Do I need booties for the reef ?
    It is not imperative to use booties for the reef. The locals do not use them nor the kids that are learning. Most of the reef is flat and not sharp. There are sea urchins at some of the breaks and its best not to put your feet down. If you feel you need to do so, wear booties.
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