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The best surfing spots! Barbados has a huge variety of waves to offer visiting surfers. 


Barbados has a huge variety of waves to offer visiting surfers. Barbados is wide open to receive swells from all directions. No matter whether a swell approaches the island from the North, West, East or South Barbados is guaranteed to have surf anywhere along its shores at almost any given day of the year. Our position enables Barbados to receive swells from a variety of weather systems. The result…World Class surf at all the various breaks at one time or another. When it all comes together, the correct swell direction and offshore winds, It is easy to have the “Wave of your life” during your surf trip to Barbados.

Barbados offers surfers of all abilities year round waves and warm water. Beautiful beaches, cool breezes, crystal clear water, endless sunshine, and friendly locals, makes Barbados one of the leading surf destinations of the world. We have great beginner waves at Freights Bay, Surfers Point and Pebbles on the South coast, amazing intermediate waves at South Point, Brandons, Maycocks, Fryers Well and Mullins, and expert waves at Soup Bowl, Tropicana, and  Duppies just to name a few.  All the surf breaks are more consistent at certain times of the year. Melanie has all the info and she is there to help you make the most out of your surf vacation.


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