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Surfing in Barbados

Updated: May 6, 2019

Surfing in Barbados is for everyone! First timers will love the clear warm turquoise waters and gentle long waves. Experts will love the challenging conditions at Soup Bowl, Parlour, Duppies, and Tropicana, just to name a few spots.

Soup Bowl Bathsheba Barbados
Soup Bowl at its finest

Barbados gets waves pretty much 360 days a year. There is usually waves to surf somewhere on the island each day. Barbados sticks out from the rest of the Caribbean chain so the swells don't get blocked. We get swells from all directions, therefore you can find waves on the South coast, West coast and the East coast. There are many surf spots all over the island

The East coast, Bathsheba area, is most consistent. During the summer months there can be fun waves from 2-6ft with clean to semi clean conditions. There are a few spots that are easily accessible like Soup Bowl, High Rock, Parlour, and Sand Bank. There are also a few secret spots that can be hard to find but well worth the effort. Our favorite time for the East is the Fall, September and October!! 3-8ft and usually clean and perfect :)

Parlour Bathsheba Barbados
Parlour - Hurricane Swell

Starting in November and running through April the South coast also gets consistent. There are many waves for Beginner to advanced surfers on the South coast, Christ Church area. The South coast breaks on South swells but also big East swells when the East coast is too windy to surf, the South is good and its off or side shore.

Beginner spots are Freights Bay, Surfers Point, Accra Beach, and Pebbles. Just depends on the swell size and direction. We teach surf lessons at all these spots and go where the waves are best each day.

Intermediate and advanced spots are South Point and Brandons. We also offer intermediate coaching.

Brandons Drill Hall Beach Barbados
Brandons, Drill Hall Beach, Barbados

Freights Bay Barbados Surf Lessons
Freights Bay, Barbados

The West coast can also get good in the Winter months. When the winter storms go off the East coast of the USA we get the waves 5 days later. North Swells make the West coast break and there are so many waves!

Melanie Pitcher Sandy Lane Barbados
Melanie at Sandy Lane

All the reefs light up that are usually dormant all summer long. Sandy Lane, Batts Rock, Duppies and Maycocks to name a few.

You can even catch all three coasts in one day! Longboard at Freights in the morning, get some barrels at Tropicana in he afternoon and head East to Bathsheba for a Sunset session at Soup Bowl! Join a surf tour to help you find the best waves!

Barbados is a great place for a surf trip! There is also so much to do for the non surfers. Let us help you plan your next surf vacation!! We work to suit each individual client to meet each unique need. Read our testimonials!


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