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Surfboard rental, the easy way!

At Barbados Surf Trips we offer surfboard rentals with free delivery and pick up. We have an excellent selection of great board for all levels of surfers. Check our boards here

It can be expensive to travel with your own boards, not to mention a hassle lugging the big board bag AND your family! Lets lets not forget how the airlines treat our precious boards.

Here is a list of airlines and the surfboard bag fees they charge.

JetBlue- US$30 for a bag and because its a surfboard its an additional $100. So round trip to Barbados $260 plus in Barbados they charge you 17.5% VAT tax. This brings the total to $282.75

American Airlines- US$150 each way, total $300 plus the VAT i n Barbados $326.25

Air Canada- US$100 each way, $200 plus VAT in Barbados

British Airways- Bags cannot exceed 75inches or 6ft approximately. No extra charge once they meet the baggage criteria.

Virgin Atlantic- Your board mustn't exceed our standard dimensions of 190cm x 75cm x 65cm (75" x 30" x 26") and 23kg in weight. No extra charge if it is included in your baggage allowance

Summer Specials!!

surfboard rental Barbados
Summer Specials

We get new board each season and retire the older ones. We also price our rental according to age. New rentals are about $140-150 per week. Older board $80-100 per week. It is no problem to switch board during your stay.

We can also bring you a few boards to choose from. Give Melanie a call 321-877-5516 or email to set up your rental.

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