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Soup Bowl Barbados

Soup Bowl has many moods but most of all it loves to have surf all the time. Its the most consistent waves in the Caribbean with waves almost 360 days a year. It can be small and playful, good for beginner/intermediates or Big and gnarly, when even the most experienced hesitate to give it a go.

Soup Bowl Barbados
Friendly Soup Bowl, Barbados

Soup Bowl Barbados
Not so friendly Soup Bowl Surfer: Danny Edghill Photo: Kerri Gittens

The seasons of Soup Bowl

The smallest months for Soup Bowl are July and August. During these months the average wave height is 2-3ft and it gets mostly clean to semi clean conditions. August can have bigger days if we get a storm brewing in the Atlantic. September and October are my favorite months for Soup Bowl, average wave height is 3-6ft with bigger days and mostly clean conditions and there is surf everyday!

November -April are when we start to get the winter North swells. We also get North swells from Hurricanes that stay stationary or move very slowly to the north of Barbados. The photo above is a hurricane swell.

During the Winter months the East coast of Barbados where Soup Bowl is located can have high tradewinds, but there are days that it cleans up and you can catch it clean and super fun. Soup Bowl faces the North a bit so if we get East or South East trades Soup Bowl can still be good with clean faces.

There are also so many other waves to surf on the island if Soup Bowl is big and blown out. That's when the South and West coasts get good. There is always somewhere to surf everyday in Barbados!! check out our interactive surf map here

Soup Bowl picturesqe backdrop!

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